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    In today's connecting world there is an unrelenting need for more and more access to the global network. The Internet has brought exciting applications exploding onto the market, voice and data convergence is spinning our heads, traditional and new media providers are colliding and combining, and all the while the masses of the world remain unconnected. Netwing brings the solutions.
    Netwing is a leader in the production of network access and connectivity products including, interface converters, fiber-media converters, PDH and SDH。
Product line

— PDH —

4E1,4E1+100M Ethernet Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
8E1,8E1+100M Ethernet Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
16E1 Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy


— Media Converter—
10/100M Ethernet Media Converter
Single/multi-mode, single/dual-fiber Media Converter
Media Converter Rack
— Interface Converter—
FT1/RS530(V.35,X.21) Interface Converter Series
E1/V.35 Interface converter
FE1/V.35 Interface converter
G.703 Balun
E1/10&100Base-T Bridge
FE1/10&100Base-T Bridge
4E1/10&100Base-T Bridge
8E1/10&100Base-T Bridge
Interface Converter Rack
— Fiber Modem —
Ethernet Fiber Modem
FE1 Fiber Modem
V.35 Fiber Modem
— NM system—
SNMP Management System
PDH Network Management System

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