CCOM was founded in 1996, continuously committed tocommunication transmission access technology and wireless audio and video andIOT (the internet of things) sensor bearing optimization technology research,created the fourth generation of wireless ad-hoc network video technology, theunstable wireless bandwidth optimization control technology (WVTOC) and lowbandwidth requirements of various mixing technologies (LBMOC).

Through seven years of continuous research and develop, CCOMintroduced SeeTa multimedia cluster communication system which based on thefourth generation mobile communication technology, SeeTa system coveringvarious types of applications terminal series, wireless multimedia basestations, core management control system, transmission system, applicationplatform Etc. The system involves the video conference and telephone conference,wireless phone, video monitoring, wireless figure transmission, mobilepositioning, emergency scheduling command, instant communication, sensor acquisitionand related integrated business, and also realized the optical fibertransmission, wireless transmission and carries business optimization integration.SeeTa multimedia cluster system provide application solutions for the customersin the regions of the mobile emergency communications, multimediacommunications, battle command, wisdom city construction and other fields.

CCOM attaches great importance to the customers and deeplyunderstand the needs of customers. Basing on SeeTa multimedia clustercommunication technology, ccom provide clients with product integration schemeand excellent business customized services. CCOM provide the followingprofessional services for the industry customers. Namely the industry areawireless 4G coverage, disasterrelief emergency communication, emergency communications, mobile enforcementfigure transmission, dangerous goods online supervision, battle command,perimeter security patrol, temporary munitions warehouse security, war zonesecurity, the uav reconnaissance, fixed-point reconnaissance patrol,single-soldier supervision, vehicle detection, wisdom environmental protection,the wisdom iofwater conservancy, land of wisdom, and wisdom construction site,smart scenic spot, etc

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