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SeeTa Multimedia Cluster System

SeeTa multi-media cluster is based on the technology of the fourth generation mobile communication system,this system covers various kinds of application terminal series, wireless multimedia base station, the core management control system, communication transmission system, audio and video multimedia transmission system, multimedia application platform. This system could also realize video conference and telephone conference, wireless phone, video surveillance, wireless figure transmission, mobile positioning, emergency scheduling command, instant communication, sensor acquisition and integration of the business, at the same time optimized and integrated the optical fiber transmission and wireless transmission. SeeTa multimedia cluster system could be utilized for industrial customers in the region of the mobile emergency communications, multimedia communications, battle command, intelligent urban construction and other fields to provide communication and audio and video transmission application solutions.

System Significance

To maintain national security and social stability

SeeTa multimedia cluster system combines independent researched and developed terminals, base stations, transmission and application platform to provide the army air defense battle command information integration platform, improve the forces fighting in combat mode and means of diversification, to provide a strong guarantee safeguard national security and social stability.

To improve social management efficiency

SeeTa multimedia cluster system is aimed at achieving cross-regional, cross-sectoral coordination, multi-level command, provide safe and reliable information transmission channel for disaster relief, emergency, mobile law enforcement, such as the provision of mature and stable, finally strengthen the social security, improve the efficiency of social management.

To protect the environment

SeeTa multimedia cluster system adopts multilevel, visualized, informational management measures; it combines the collection, transmission, control and information sharing cloud as an organic whole. This system could also reach the environment parameter, audio and video information, data information, and other business. Improving the accuracy of the information transmission and utilization, improve the environmental monitoring and effective enforcement accuracy. Finally set up the high-tech informational supervision methods for safe and beautiful environment.

System Constituent Elements


Platform System

Video monitoring platform


Voice intercom platform


Sensor acquisition monitoring platform


GIS management platform


l Free intellectual property rights, research and development design on its own

l Cross-sectional, cross-regional, multi-level coordination command

l Stable equipment performance, high reliability, safe and controllable

l Set of video scheduling, voice intercom, broadband access, beidou positioning, sensor acquisition, the local store

l Simple and easy to use, flexible and efficient deployment, on-demand customization

l Benefit at CCOM unique video optimization control technology of wireless bandwidth (WVTOC) and low bandwidth requirements of various mixing technologies (LBMOC), the same condition, can obtain better effect of audio and video transmission.

Application field

Forces, armed police, public security, fire control, electric power, transportation, urban construction, urban management, water conservancy, environmental protection, highway, etc,

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