1996. corporate set up

2000. independent research and development communication access products;

2000. launched its own intellectual property rights of g. 703 / v. 35 protocol converter and         HDSL product;

2002. published E1 / Ethernet bridge;

2003. pass the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system demonstration,

2003. began to expand the international market

2003. took part in 2003 Asia communication exhibition in Singapore communication

2003. launched PDH optical transceiver and fiber optic MODEM

2004. launched fiber optic transceivers

2004. launched series products integrated network management system, 

2005. launched modular PDH optical transceiver

2006. launched multiple E1 bridge

2007. started to develop and research wireless video emergency communication products

2008. wireless emergency figure transmission products successfully applied in the Olympic             security

2009. launched 3G video transmission products

2009. launched video monitoring platform and GIS management platform

2009. launched wireless video transmission technology and low bandwidth mixing optimization           technology

2009. emergency communication products are applied in the ministry of railways

2010. obtained ISO14001 environmental certification

2010. launched airborne figure products

2011. launched seven series of wireless video terminal products

2011. wireless video transmission optimization techniques achieved breakthrough development

2011. launched the third generation of low bandwidth mix optimization techniques

2012. launched portable 4G base stations

2012. launched 4G based wireless video terminal

2013. participated in Ningxia 4G government affairs private network application projects

2013. participated in quanzhou mobile public network 4G press conference broadcast live

2014. launched PTN gigabit Ethernet ring network switch

2014. participate in the national annual emergency security system based on government affairs       private network of 4G project

2014. launched SeeTa multimedia cluster system

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