Title:Industrial-grade Compact Mobile Basestation



C-iBS1000 is the new launched product of 4G TD-LTE technical integrated base station


Green environmental protection, compact structure, convenient installation, whole IP transmission, various synchronous methods, network seamless integration, support multiple users and high data rate.


Widely used in the fields of enterprise/government office, army police security, disaster rescue, coal mine, ports, shipping, electricity, chemical industry and airport tunnel.

  • Function
  • Interface
  • Parameters
  • Application

Basic function

C - IBS major basicfunctions are as follows:

l  Support 3 GPP R8, R9;

l  Through Ethernet front-endports and private network transmission interface;

l  Support downward, 2 *2 mimo uplink 2 road scattered accept ion

l  Adopt IEEE 1588 V2,GPS and BeiDou technology to realize clock synchronization;

l  Built-in antenna orexternal indoor antenna distribution system and external high-gain antenna;


l  C - IBS supportbusiness functions as follows:

Voice function:


l  High-speed data services (20 m bandwidth)

l  Downstream data ratecan be up to 100 Mbps;

l  Can be up to 50 Mbpsuplink rate;

l  Support stream classbusiness;

l  Support multipleconcurrent users.

l  Multimedia cluster operations

l  Support the voice andvideo call, group calling, preemption, sorting function

l  Forward support videoupload and mass functions;

l  Remote, remote shut

l  S1 / X2 backhaul interface: SFP interfaces, backhaul provides two optical interfaces, if need battery, using light turn electricity module implementation

l  Debugging interface: RJ45, proximal debug port turn USB Ethernet support, external to an Ethernet interface

l  RF antenna interface: N female head, two RF interface

l  GPS antenna: (1) SMA straight head.

Physical indicators

l  Product appearance: size (high * * deep wide) 350 * 650 *600 mm

l  Colour: black, white and grey

Capacity indicator

l  Biggest support fan number: 1 cs

l  Biggest support users: 50 users

l  Maximum data throughput (20 mbandwidth) : downward 100 MBPS/uplink 50 megabits per second

l  Maximum data throughput (10 mbandwidth) : downward 50 MBPS/uplink 25 MBPS

Working spectrum

l  Spectrum: TDD LTE, spectrum can be customized

Working bandwidth

l  Bandwidth:5 m,10 m,20 m

Output power

l  The maximum output power: 1 w

Working power supply

l  Power supply: AC 100 ~ 240 v

Power consumption indicators

l  Maximum power consumption: < 25 w

Environmental indicators

l  Environment temperature: - 40 ~ + 55 ° C

l  Environment relative humidity: 5% ~ 95%

l  Protection grade: IP66

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